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                  Are you in the Market for a Motivational/Keynote Speaker?

I use empowering information to help students maximize their talents and brand in higher education.

I have been working with the public and speaking to different organizations for many years. My expertise started with a background in local news and moved into higher education in the last few years.

Through college and career presentations, career fairs, and working with students one-on -one I have learned a few things about being inspirational and informative to my audiences and students.

Audiences appreciate the information but really enjoy my real world and humorous approach to “choosing a college”, “building your brand” and “being honest about your talents”. We all know many students go to college not having a clue about why they are there. My number one purpose is to help students realize that college is an investment in their brand. Just saying, "you want to go to college” is cliché, but saying you are ready to take advantage of college is key.

My LinkedIn page should give you a better perspective of my skill sets and what I can bring to your organization or business by my method of motivational speaking and successful techniques in engaging prospective and current students.

I’m looking to build and expand networks in the promotion of higher education. I would like to establish a partnership with your school, community and/or organization. Thanks for visiting my page and feel free to visit my website and Facebook page for more details .